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If you have these issues, Astralign back support pillow is the solution you need

The ASTRALIGN gently tilts the MID-BACK forward and up.
Gently pushing the chest forward allows more oxygen to flow into the body.
Once the midback is in place the head no longer tilts forward.
Astralign helps shoulder pain
With the head now on axis, 60 Ibs of pressure are removed from the shoulders and upper back.
When the MID-BACK is gently thrust forward the natural lumbar curve is restored making lumbar pillows unnecessary.

Here’s how it works

Here’s what healthcare leaders are saying about the Astralign

Ashley Black. Inventor of the FasciaBlaster

Entrepreur of the year 2020 american business awards

Dr. Tarek Adra

D.C., L.Ac, Pharm-D


Increased computer, cell phone and car use leads to:

  1. Spinal Degeneration
  2. Shortened Life Span
  3. Shallow Breathing
  4. Hormonal Imbalance
  5. Oxygen Deprivation
  6. Pain
  7. Exhaustion
  8. Headaches

Top scientists in the field agree GOOD posture can:

  1. Prevent Chronic Pain
  2. Prevent Workplace Injury
  3. Improve Circulation
  4. Support Energy Levels
  5. Promote Organ Function
  6. Reduce Joint Wear And Tear
  7. Improve Sleep
  8. Promote Bone Health

Consumer’s experience results:

Fred M
Fred M:

I use the Astralign about eight hours a day. I do find it’s comfortable and I forget that it’s there. I recommend this for anyone sitting long hours to keep their posture straight and to prevent tech neck.

Korie T
Korie T:

I do LOVE IT and it does encourage me to sit straighter during my hours at my desk. It absolutely feels good and fits on my oversized office chair easily. It has made me more self aware when slouching and, even while sick, I felt more energized by the Flow of Oxygen in my body from more upright posture.

Peter H
Peter H:

The Astralign has undoubtedly helped with my sitting and standing posture. Within days of using it, I noticed a difference in the way I sit and walk, with less tension in the neck and shoulders overall. It is simple to use, and I got used to it almost immediately. I would absolutely recommend Astralign for anyone who spends hours a day at a computer.

Kelly B
Kelly B:

I'll start by saying I have scoliosis so my posture is very important. Sitting in the car or driving for long distances typically can be pretty painful. The Astalign is the first thing that's actually been helpful to adjust my posture comfortably. Now it feels weird if I'm sitting and DON'T have one. I'm going to order a second one for my office chair since I spend so much time there!

Michael K
Michael K:

I take the Astralign to my car and sit in an upright position without having to strain or over tense my muscles. Then I take it into my office and use it there. It really relieves neck strain--that I didn't even know I had! A bargain compared to chiropractors! Highly recommended.

Klaus H
Klaus H:

Super helpful in Correcting your sitting posture, like the versatility in being able to use it at the office or in the car. Highly recommend it. Wound up buying more for the rest of my family! Highly recommend it.

Cameron F
Cameron F:

Game changer if you sit at your desk or drive all day. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but I found it to be worth it. Especially like that it buckles to me for extra secure placement.

The founder and CEO of Astralign Posture Pillow Richard Gleason

Bodyworker to the Stars

Richard Gleason, CEO and founder of Astralign
I’ve worked with thousands of patients and spent over two hundred thousand hours addressing body mechanics to help people overcome major physical problems. The most common problem, for my clients, is midback slump - otherwise known as Hyper - Kyphosis. I created a posture pillow that can help everyone achieve proper mid-back alignment, correct past damage, and avoid future problems.

Known as ‘The Bodyworker to the Stars’ for non-surgical solutions to chronic pain problems, Richard Gleason is trusted by top athletes, entertainers and business leaders, in their respective fields for his work on body mechanics with a focus on deep ligament, tendon and fascial restrictions. He has become a master in Shiatsu, Myofascial, and Neuro Emotional techniques over his three decades of ongoing education.

before and after kyphosis image His research revealed a major posture flaw – HYPERKYPHOSIS - in straightforward language - an exaggerated forward curve of the MID-BACK. Based on structural analysis, Richard discovered the basis for this condition and designed strategies to help his patients achieve MID-BACK flexion, teaching them how to fire the muscles that support proper MID-BACK alignment after which patients report their worst symptoms got a lot better or disappeared.

“I am a big believer that many are suffering unnecessarily, and since not everyone can see me personally. I recognized the need to create a product that would help everyone achieve proper mid-back alignment, correct past damage, and avoid future problems. That’s when I researched, designed, and launched the ASTRALIGN – a comfortable and affordable posture pillow for the MID-BACK that would always be there to support your back. The ASTRALIGN is used by my clients in their car seat, couch, or office chair - putting you effortlessly in the ideal posture position and gently coaxing your muscles to hold good posture even when you’re not using it.”

Richard Gleason - Founder

What the stars say.

KESHA, Recording Artist

“Richard SOLVED my pain issues. He’s one of a kind”.


“I call him pain-whisperer. He knows where the problems are and makes you feel like a million bucks”.


“I recommended Richard to my whole family. He had an uncanny ability to find the source of my pain”.


“The number one body worker I’ve ever worked with”.

ASTRALIGN® Is Backed By A 30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee