About OLD

Having had my own business in the physical therapy field for over twenty years I was able to identify the actual source of our current posture crisis. It’s called ‘Kyphosis’ – a forward collapse of the mid-back. Until now all posture cushions have focused on the lower back and neck but my research showed that when the mid-back is aligned, everything else falls into place. 


There are buzzers and harnesses on the market but I noticed when I recommended these to my patients they were quickly abandoned. People simply do not want to wear a device all day long. So I began designing a cushion you can attach to your car seat, office chair, or just leave on a couch that will be there every time you sit down and provide perfect posture positioning without you ever having to think about it.  

A practical solution to the posture crises was urgently needed because cellphone, computer, and car use will only increase in the future. A head weighs between 10 and 14 pounds – a head tilted 30 degrees forward puts as much as 60 pounds of pressure on the back.  And slumping forward pushes the front ribs into the midsection making it hard to breathe fully and interferes with digestion and organ function. 

I spent two years designing a patented cushion shape that provides perfect mid-back alignment for all body types. A comfortable yet firm design that gently pushes the back forward and up. 
The development of the patented SIDE WINGS was when the Astralign really came together. These coddle the user in a light embrace which keeps you centered on the pillow at all times and provide weight dispersal so your back muscles never get fatigued and even reduce G-forces when cornering in a car. 
Once I came up with the perfect prototype I started driving with it and, honestly, I cannot drive in a car without it. I hope you have the same experience and look forward to welcoming you to the Astralign family.